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At Carkeek Park Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your pets are an important part of your life. Our highly trained staff will treat you and your pets with professionalism and courtesy while providing you with the very best veterinary care available. Our full-service practice offers a variety of services intended to promote your pet’s overall health and longevity. It is our privilege to care for you and your pets, so call today to learn about our services or schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Michel Jolivet

Email: mjolivetdvm@gmail.com
Dr. Michel Jolivet was born and raised in Lake Forest Park, WA. A very early fascination with medical science and a deep love for animals in combination with an unusual interest in taxidermy brought him to the field of veterinary medicine.

In junior high, he preserved several specimens such as a skunk, a crow, and a squirrel to name a few, that upon completion were installed in a permanent exhibit in his junior high school. In his teens, he volunteered for local veterinarians, including Dr. Charles “Bud” Doney, for whom the prestigious Doney Clinic is named. After receiving a degree in zoology from the UW, Michel traveled east to pursue his DVM from WSU and graduated with honors in 1982. (A Cougar or a Husky? Will we ever know?) While at WSU, he had the opportunity to study at the St. Louis Zoo where he had the pleasure of meeting the famous Marlin Perkins of Wild Kingdom fame.

Once Dr. Jolivet settled into his new job at the Burien Veterinary Hospital, his love for taxidermy resurfaced. He was once quoted as saying, “I was living alone with nothing to do and it just seemed like something that would keep me busy.” Perhaps his most successful project was Mr. Squirrel. Unbeknownst to Dr. Jolivet, several years later, Mr. Squirrel decided to take an around-the-world journey. His adventure was documented with pictures and postcards and was later featured on shows such as KING-5′s Evening Magazine. His story can still be found out on the Internet today.

After 26 years at Burien Veterinary Hospital, Michel is very happy to now call Carkeek Park home. His areas of interest include dental care, unusual and difficult-to-solve cases (like House without the attitude), soft tissue surgery, and reptiles and amphibians. He lives in his childhood home with his wife, Sara, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 8 red-eared slider turtles, a ball python, and fancy goldfish. A big supporter of non-profit animal groups, he and his wife foster for the Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington and will only adopt special needs and difficult to place animals. In his free time, he enjoys playing bassoon and contrabassoon in local community and professional groups (check out YouTube.com for more!), researching and performing locally and internationally on the obsolete 100 year old sarrusophone, digging in his native plant garden, reading, backpacking, collecting the odd and bizarre, and watching old movies with a pile of animals and his wife snuggled with him on the couch


Dr. Melissa Yanik

Email: myanikdvm@gmail.com
Dr. Melissa Yanik joined Carkeek Park Veterinary Hospital in November of 2009. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 2001. She has practiced in Houston, Kansas City and has called Seattle home since 2005.

The decision to move to Seattle was made after much thought as Melissa is a midwesterner and her husband is from New Jersey. They live in a house run by four cats with too much personality- Miles, Manny, Emmitt, and Franklin and a dog named Punky. Franklin is the latest addition to the family. He survived Feline Panleukopenia virus, sustaining significant intestinal damage. After endoscopy, biopsies, diet trials, and medications, he is actually chubby and able to gut out the bottom of a large sofa in minutes. Melissa has also had greyhounds-both lived to be over 14 years old!

Her passions of course include cats, dogs, and medicine. Melissa also enjoys reading, painting, and traveling.


Kim Aldridge

Email: kaldridgemgr@gmail.com
Kim has grown with Carkeek for over ten years. She started as an assistant, and she is now managing the hospital. Along with her passion for animals and veterinary medicine, she also enjoys being a mother and spending time with her husband, two daughters and son. Kim and her family have two dogs: Alexis and Camille.


Amy Przybyla

Amy Przybyla moved to Seattle in June of 2009 from Amherst Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, Amy graduated from Holyoke Community College’s AVMA accredited Veterinary technician program. Upon completion in May of ’09, Amy received an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine. After passing the national Veterinary Technician exam, Amy moved to the Emerald City. Shortly after moving to Seattle, Amy became a Washington State Licensed Veterinary Technician. Amy began working at CPVH in October of 2009 and is very proud of and fulfilled by the work she is able to do every day. “The part of my job that I find to be the most important is advocating for my patients, and treating them with as much respect, compassion, and empathy as possible”


Shelia Fozard

Shelia has been a veterinary assistant with Carkeek for over ten years. Shelia is a proud, caring parent of two children and two wonderful rescue cats.


Chloe Tillman


Sara Jolivet

Sara just recently became a receptionist at Carkeek. Sara has always been an animal lover. She has a golden retriever, two boston terriers, a frenchie/boston mix, and three cats at home. Before entering the world of veterinary medicine, Sara was a music teacher. Sara is a professional flutist.


Brandy Cantu


Dr. Nancy Bauer

My life has been much enriched by companion animals and the people who are bonded to them. As a girl from a Minnesota farm, a love of animals and an appreciation of the connections of animals to our lives came naturally. Entering veterinary college was like coming home. The experience was so natural to me. I shall always be grateful for the training and preparation that I received at the University of Minnesota. Following graduation, I did an Internship in Small Animal Medicine at the University of California. That year also gave me invaluable clinical experiences that I still draw on today. In 1995, I was certified in veterinary acupuncture by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and this has added another facet to my clinical practice.

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